Sunday, October 13, 2019

DOWNLOAD MUSIC : Anu – Mukeke Remix

We all hope for the latest, And always be vibes with the latest trends,  Anu, The Lady Ekwe, is an economist ,a song writer, a choreographer and the only female Ekwe Performer of repute.
Groomed under the platform of Atunda entertainment, she has shown artistic perfection and pure dexterity with the Ekwe percussion, which in the Eastern Nigeria is a male dominated instrument but she has broken the jinx to make the ekwe her forte and an instrument of empowerment.
Artist Anu, the Lady Ekwe is being engaged both within Nigeria and internationally due to her cosmopolitan presentations of authentic African music. As a songwriter,she has produced several songs with her new single "Mukeke" making waves round the universal globewide range, .
She won the most outstanding performer award at African Drums festival 2017 in Abeokuta which had over 100 performers from different African countries in attendance. She is the Nwanga African Brand Ambassador for African Achiever’s Award now let's vibe, .
                                                    Listen,Enjoy,Comment,Help share song with your family and also friends,                                                                                             Download Music Here / Anu – Mukeke Remix                                                                                                                                          Remember to always vibe alongside the latest trends, Your 💭 thoughts will do a lot good improving our site trend movement, Follow our page #nerroloaded.

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