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Monday, December 17, 2018

Good News: Do You Know That There Are Certain People Who Can Never Contact The HIV Virus?

Much confirmations have been made by researchers, As they have turned their attention to the tiny proportion of people known as HIV “elite controllers”. These are people who are infected with the virus but show no symptoms of HIV for decades, even without the use of medication. How they manage this has remained unknown, but many are now desperately trying to figure it out in order to produce similar results in non-elite controller patients. When HIV infects the body, it heads for the immune cells known as T cells. While much of previous research has focused on how the virus affects these cells as they circulate in the blood – due largely to the ease at which this is sampled – the latest team looked instead at what happens when the infected T cells return to the lymphoid tissue that forms part of the immune system.                                      
While elite controllers have CD8 T cells that are more efficient at killing HIV-infected cells in the blood, the majority of the virus is not found in the blood but the tissue. Here, elite controllers, seem to have a unique adaptation too. Unlike most patients, the T cells of elite controllers move into the lymphoid tissue and stay there, expressing different genes and making different proteins to help fight off the HIV that’s infecting the tissue. How they do this – and how scientists can replicate it – is the next step in fully understanding the ability of HIV elite controllers, but hopefully this research will form the foundations for future studies.                                                                                                                                       Share your thoughts let's hear what you have to say concerning this new research and it's confirmations, If you are glad to be one of the lucky type, Or the other part of it.

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