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Thursday, November 1, 2018

See Ten (10) Courses A Young Students Need's Take At The University To Get Easily Employed After Graduating

Currently it would be requiring some personal information to assist young students trying to get admitted to fresh universities,                                                                                                                              Because it has been confirmed that all the university courses are important for society, as they help make ordinary citizens specialist, professionals and even geniuses who would help develop the society. However, in Nigeria some certain courses are preferred by the young students more than others, because upon completing them, they have a better chance to finding a good job, make enough money for living and treating themselves, and grow professionally. Learn what are the best courses to study at university in Nigeria!                                                                                     
Best courses to study in Nigeria: what are they?
There are a lot of useful courses you can study, every university offers some good courses for those who dream to achieve great heights. However, speaking from other people’s experiences, some of the university courses have much wider prospects for future career and personal development, as well as the financial side. So, when you choose the best courses to study for the future, you should know the demand rate of your future profession in the labour market.
We have compiled the list of some best courses to study in Nigeria, which you can choose when you make life-changing decisions about your future profession. Check out the courses that can potentially make you rich and successful!                                                                                                           
(1) Medicine
One of the most marketable and demanded courses in Nigerian higher educational institutions is medicine. This is because good doctors are incredibly valued in the Nigerian society. When you complete your education and gain some experience, there is a chance for you to become a medical practitioner and grow professionally. Since the Nigerian population is going higher every day, more and more people need various kinds of medical help and they attend hospitals to receive treatment, so there is always enough work for the doctors. This profession will always be needed in the labour market – it can be compared to water business during a dry season.
(2) Estate management
Some people have a hard time realizing how profitable this course usually can be. As we have already mentioned, the population of Nigeria is increasing, so more buildings have to be constructed every day, in order to make all the people have a home. Those people who own the new buildings usually need help from the professional estate managers, who have to oversee and manage the buildings. In case you always wanted such a job, you are absolutely free to apply to the corresponding course at the university of your choice.
(3) Accounting
If you complete this course with flying colours, you will most definitely become an in demand professional. This is because accountants are needed everywhere nowadays – from hotels and airports to the supermarkets, banks, schools, churches, and other institutions. They are also often required in governmental establishments. Basically, they are needed by all the professional bodies. However, in order to become a really qualified specialist, you will most often need to complete the special accounting courses along with your degree.                                                                                      
(4) Chemical and petroleum engineering
Engineers are highly in demand in Nigeria, especially chemical and petroleum engineers. Of course, it is not easy to find a great job in this industry, but when you finally get it, you will receive great salary there. Those graduates who are not just smart but also hardworking and have good understanding of the industry, will have the higher chance of finding a job.
(5) Theater arts
Nigerian movie industry is the most developed in Africa, and there is a good chance for young graduates to find a job in these industry. Becoming a good actor is hard, but in process you will have lots of fun, if you really enjoy acting. Lots of successful actors are also graduates of theatre arts. You should be aware, though, that this is one of the most competitive university courses, and you will have to possess a special talent in order to get the major roles in movies and plays.
(6) Рharmacy
This course can be especially marketable for those people who want to know a lot about medicine and pass this knowledge to other people. The students of this faculty usually learn about medicine interactions, positive and negative effects, and how they work in general. A lot of successful graduates are employed by NAFDAC or start private practice and establish a рharma company of their own. They can also seek employment from other companies in Nigeria.                                                                                                                                                    
(7) Information technology and computer engineering
We are living in the age when computers and technology are a huge part of our lives, so if you get a job in this field, your work will definitely be appreciated and acknowledged with good salary. In the information age, basically every respectable company needs a good IT specialist. The graduates of computer engineering, as well as information technology courses, usually find themselves jobs that are an absolute piece of cake.
(8) Nursing and laboratory science
Nurses can work not just in Nigeria but also in the foreign countries, where the medical companies are searching for more nurses to hire. If you are not satisfied with the working conditions in Nigerian medical institutions, you can try your luck abroad.
(9) Marketing
Becoming a specialist in marketing is really profitable in Nigeria nowadays, because a qualified and intelligent marketer is someone every business organization needs. Marketers are extremely valuable, and every organization that wants to thrive in their business needs professional marketers.
(10) Mass Communication
Here is another course that can bring you profit and career growth. Graduates of mass communication will be able to work on television or radio, as well as in newspaper if they have good writing skills. Becoming a freelance journalist is also an option, as well as being employed by government or embassy.                                                                                                                   
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