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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Read Four Things You Needs To Know About Rapper Nerro (@Nerroloaded)

My vault, My oath and my promises, Hence there is life in all I do I will never hunger or cry in pain to what so ever that concerns none of my type nor kind at any given second/minutes/Hour, Day's,Months or even years,                                                                                                                                                 The poor will always see my light, Not even the richest of any kind can challenge my kindness to the poor nor even my forwardness hence all I could yearn for remains to be blessed helping my self and the helpless, Always remember to have known me for been local till even the wealthiest testify of my blessings,                                                                                              Now remark my words and never forget about the term blessing, I have come to adapt the simplicity of life with whom I choose to be,I pray all day and night asking God to show me the worst I can ever see but reserve my life as a living testimony out of such experience, #Rapper_Nerro Not even the quake's can move my heart bit as many fear if only I am a living being,                                                                                                        (1) Made with Simplicity.                                                                                                                    I am that kind that always remains simple to the end to firstly watch you mess things up before mine begins, I can ignore thing's till you start thinking I am better dead which only God can decide when best is to be mandated possibly, I am always friendly from the start,Trying as much as I can to fix things right at all zone,Region,weather and even conditions,                                                                                                                                   (2) Guilty Of Stubbornness.                                                                                                              Just to say as stubborn as mad, At a point even the gun shot's you fear's sounds normal to my listening, That which have lead me to using the slogans (I don't hear -I left my ear's at home) Come to think of it, Been a live witness of many dead beings with an atom of glory, Accidentally, Physically, Mentally and otherwise through grace, I am so sure no matter what so ever it might turn to be in this life, I my self and I, #Rapper_Nerro will never for any reason be found guilty of making troubles to you at the very first start, So it brings me more joy as I work day long through life, Talking about been disobedient to the law's, I only do such when been present while others disobey the laws, At this point I am loosed to self control hence it never started with me, By this format,You actually can't control my danger.                                                                                                                                             (3) A Type Courageous,                                                                                                              With the above labeled qualities, I have come to build much courage than many manipulative spirit's, Why I chose the term manipulative is as a result of your natural previews to the word it self, With God/Truth/Trust and successful aim in anything I am to be part of in life my courage is uncountably 100% sure to such move's, Which also get me working alongside side the winning team's right from day one, Yet I always subject my courage to God for faithful answers.                                                                                                  (4) Much Hustling Spirit,                                                                                                                 A young boy born and raised from the streets of the ghetto, I killed all sort's of shyness to whom so ever it concerns, Will never be afraid to work on any job not regarding the type hence is unique to bring me my daily bread to feed, Some times when I even have a budget within durations such as Year/Months/Weeks or even day's I come to find it very difficult to sleep until my aims are achieved, Strictly sincere without the fear's to speak my mind's at any given time hence the hustle is concerned. Never cheat people on the field for any reason, Never get people pleased and end up displeasing my self, #Rapper_Nerro The legend in making.                                                                                   Voice your concerns to this article and let us know what suit's you most about it all,By kindly using the comment box below to make your respective submissions,                                                                                                Remember to always vibe to the latest trend, Your thoughts will do a lot good improving our site trend movement.             

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