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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Things That Matters Most In Every Relationship

 *You have Airtime He calls, u don't have airtime he still calls.*

*Your birthday He buys u a Gift, His birthday he still takes u out.*

*He sends u money, and still calls to confirm if you've received an alert.*

*You only flashed Him and u re already scolding him to know why he hasn't called back.*

*He invited u for a lunch, took care of your bills, u only dressed better than him, but u couldn't afford your transport.*

*He met u with your friends u sounded rudely, you met him with his friends he was Caring & polite.*

*He secretly borrowed money to give u, u always told him the money was too small.*

*He won a contract, became very rich, he left u. Too late, You re now ready to love him and u are shading tears, deceiving other women saying; u were their for him when he had nothing, all guys are same..*

*But listen to the hard truth.......*

*Your impact in a relationship would determine if a man will marry u, not your presence.*
*No Girl is more happy than a girl which her Boyfriend's mother call her our* *wife*.
*She can even wash their fence*.
*Madness is when you put a girl on profile pic*
*while others put her on bed .*

👮Emeka & Nkiru were taking a romantic
walk 🚶 down the beach one cool night 🌃 .
Emeka grabs Nkiru's hands 👐 , draws her
closer to him, kisses 😘 her & says,"Baby!
You know I so much love  😍 you. There's no
one here. Its just us. Let's do WEEWEECHU. "Nkiru looks around & says,
"My love 😍 , I don't want to do WEEWEECHU
please. Let's just hold hands 👐 &
cuddle."Emeka agrees. After a while,
Emeka asks her again, "Oh baby ! Please
my love 😍 ! Let's do WEEWEECHU! "Nkiru replies:
"Baby'm, don't rush me. I don't want to
do it. I just want to be wrapped in your
"Emeka calms down. After a longer
while, Emeka can't hold it any longer. He says, "My sweet 🍠 heart, its not fair oh!
Let's do WEEWEECHU nah! Since last year
Nkiru reluctantly agrees! So Emeka
immediately grabs her closer to him,
hugs her tight, brought out the guitar 🎸 strapped to his back 🔙 & they both started
singing 🎶 :
"WEEWEE CHU A MERRY Christmas 🎄 !
HAPPY New YEAR!!!!!"

If you have given another meaning to
WEEWEECHU in your precious mind, get a
spiritual eraser to clean it well. Am only
trying 2 wish u a merry Christmas in
Advance for those of You with a colossally & unprecedentedly rotten & spoilt minds. 🤣🤣🤣
Merry Christmas in advance.

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