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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Best Achievement Of The Nigerian Governing Body Since 2015

Let's be sincere to our self's if not always but at list for once, And if anyone be against this article, Pls do well by notifying us in the comment box, And if well enough with a proof to help our site visitors believe in your proofs,

 I had thought wisely enough that a countries governance board should emphasize on creating good Job's to help secure the lives of it's people, But in this case is different, People die everyday and yet the ruling body is doing nothing about it,While expecting the Marcie's to sit and wait on mare miracles,   
We are not in support of evil doings and starvation of fellow humans, But if you are so against the article tell us what it has to do with the promises failed, Now will have to tell you something special,

Then we know of the Terrorism from the north in one division, But more than enough to count presently as I speak to you, The case of Yahoo Boy's and Pants, The Bank Robberies up and down in the country, Attacks of Assassins, Tell me one to be kept out, Pls as we read this article, Let's use our tung's to count out teeth's, Vote wisely,                                                                                                                                                     Also feel free to share your thoughts regardless of what was written, Let's help build the truth.

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