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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Atiku Vs Buhari (What a Draft)

OBJ supports Atiku. His son supports Buhari.
Doyin Okupe supports Atiku. His son supports Buhari. Atiku is the main opposition presidential candidate. His daughter is still a commissioner of health in APC Govt in Adamawa. Bode George supports Atiku. His daughter is an appointee of Buhari. Buba Galadima is Supporting Atiku, His Daughter Zainab is OSINBAJO'S Special Assistant

Whichever way things go, these families and many others within the ruling class, will always benefit.

Meanwhile, some of you are busy fighting, insulting, maiming and killing yourselves for them.

Tell me then what you gain from insulting people without being a direct beneficiary of the unfolding events. Better play polished politics and keep your relationship tidy - you may need them later.

#Think o!

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