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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Nerro Beats: Nerro And Rapper Nerro (One Man Warrior)

The theory of a legend, A boy made man,     Nerro Beats The beat maker and a special grade in the sect of beat making, Such gift he never played with not even once, Always given it a good time and perfect attention,                                                                                     Nerro A singer and also good in making Rap traps, with different lyrical crafts, He is just him and no other,                                                                                                                          Rapper Nerro Let's be sincere to the last format, He is a boy made man, He sings,Rap's and equally does musical instrumental, What is just so bad about this guy, God is great,With many extra works in his aimed circle, Say your mind,                                                                                                   Nerroloaded The main man, Remember to always vibe alongside the latest trend, Your thoughts will do a lot good improving our site trend movement.

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