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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Letter To All The Christians In Adamawa State

Good day to you all in respect of the public and universe in general, My name is (Nerro) But my friends call's me "Rapper_Nerro" Though my main aim of publishing this article is not as a result of been much racial nor even as a result of been religionist,                                                                                                                                    But with the present situations at hand and the sufferings which most Christians in our country are passing through,  I wish to release this article for them with a solemn heart feel of tears and prayers.                                                                                                        Something took away my sleep and that same thing which took away my sleep asked me up to write this articles,                                                                                                                                                                                    I journeyed through the lands of Adamawa state in my dreams as an open revelation, The reasons where actually difficult for me to understand, And it was made a mandatory move for me,When I was about to question the reasons, The forces grew stronger, Not until I finds my self in a not too recognized but a well civilized community around yola town, A town with not less than a number of 5,000 to a 4,000 people, Yet I yearned for nothing but wisdom to understand my mission, Not until it started.                                                                                                                                                                                                              While trying to get a water sachet for my self in a well occupied shop in that town, With a number of less than  10 to 15 people all on different demands, A sad news came in from a different source with a clear confirmations which reads repeatedly on his hand radio, It States clearly than a more functional part of the state capital have been captured on a siege with no one left out, As countless numbers of families are yet on a run for their dear lives, But it never end's there for this one reason,                                                                                                                                                                                  While watching behind the shops and streets was a very big bush which was found with lot of uncompleted buildings, As a result of newly harvested pastures, So the grasses in there where yet too thick to maneuver inn, So I waves side by side of the streets to only find out that multiple motorcycles which headed with two/two hardened face's using a small boycott leading to that same bush part with a lead to its narrow street, As a new personnel in the city I was in great fears, So a thought came to my mind to run into that land and hide within the uncompleted buildings, And if by his grace,Gods wish be done that I won't die of hunger even if things turn's bad in there,                                                                                                                                                  So I moved slowly through the bush parts leading to this location and behold it turns different, The bushes where derived as a result of recent harvested pastures, But actually to such level it can equally cover a fully grown man, So I moved slowly while trying to choose which of the buildings will be more suitable for me, Because the uncompleted buildings in there where numbered beyond 20, And here is what I saw.                                                                                                                                                          As same hardened face's which were seen passed by on motorcycles already largely occupied most of the buildings in different division, Yet in one accordance, So I decided to rest low on the grasses and watch with open hearts while filled with fear, Then something happened before I restored my mind's from the sleepless night.                                                                                                      This men are not too young, But between the age's of 36-40-45, This men on raincoats with hardcovers suddenly started removing arm's of different kinds, And they moved side by side with some of them remaining in the buildings, To my greatest surprise as they started returning to same buildings with many captured human beings with voice commands telling them to enter the buildings on a harsh tone, Some of which where already injured and clothes turned in pieces, Whites and Black's, And I had to lay more lower, But something made me to dedicate this message to the Christians,And here is the reason why!                                                                                                                      While I was laying helplessly there under those bushes, A voice command came up from one whom is actually noted to be their top commander, And he asked them, Go search all the parts and make sure no nonsense Christians is found hiding within this part, For they will bow for certainty  this season, That was when I come to truly understand that the battle is regional, And not just political.                                                                                                                                   And for a low faith fellow of my kind, I was in serious fear, My mind's where in serious deliberation only if God can save me or better make this moment a dream, Then another voice command spoke up and asked me to chew a bit of the greenish kind of pasture found within the reaches of my mouths as I bow low there to wake up and decide my faith, If to hide the visions or pass them out through my means of communication, Because what baffled me most was! While deliberating this ideas, A man stood right behind my back within those bushes, But couldn't see me,                                                                                                  Now to you all the Christians, I am "Nerro" And Simply (Rapper Nerro) #Nerro_Beats, Born into the Christian family with a very strong prayerful mothering type, I choose to show more love to the street beggars of different type and religions,Both tribe's, I am not racial or religious focused, I do this things at will, Dew to the large movement of politics going on within our religious sectors,                                                                                                                                         #Nerroloaded My main aim of making this article is not just as a result of making fame, Or discriminating any religion, Only have I known the name of the above state by the studies made, Have never been there for the very first time. But I so much believe that people within the outreach of visions can help research better and speak if they have truth in those words,                                                                                                                So let's help understand the write up by reading them with an open mind's, Mature comments and no discriminating talks, Also help share.  (God Love's Nigeria)           

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